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How to become an affiliate?

Step 1. Offer Regnow (click to register) which is the premier registration commerce provider in software industry. Fill up the online sign-up form to get an affiliate ID via email.

Step 2. Get custom build of our products and start to earn cash. Get your links set up, and spread your links. The more people you expose your links to, the more money you are going to make.

Products List:

Product RegNow ID Current Price Commission PAD File Download
e2eSoft VCam 13924-1 $29.95 30% Download
Virtual Sound Card 13924-5 $29.95 30% Download
Camera Measure 13924-6 $49.95 30% Download
DSConverter 13924-4 $29.95 30% Download
Slideshow SDK 13924-4 $200 30% Download

FAQ about the Affiliate Program

How can I get the commission?
You can receive your payment in one of over 25 currencies. There are four methods to collect your commission: check, wire transfer, direct deposit/ACH or your own personal Visa Electron card.

When will I get paid?
RegNow will send you payment on the 1st and 15th of each month depending on your payment type. By default, the minimum payment is $100. If the balance does not reach this amount each month, you will get paid quarterly with balance over $50.

How can I promote your products?
Be creative and there are many ways to market e2eSoft products. You may use PAD files with product description and information, or refer to the description on the related product pages. You can even use the RegNow download link for our products to make sure the download from your site is the latest version. If you are interested in using banners on your sites, please contact sales@e2esoft.cn with more details.

How much can I get?
The commission you get depends on the sales you direct. Basically, you earn 30% for the products you promote, and with range from $7.5 to $60 per sale. However, the commission rate can be increased, if you have a plan to bring more sales of e2eSoft products. Please contact us at sales@e2esoft.cn if you have any ideas about the commission rate.

Can I get a higher commission rate?
Yes, you can have a higher commission rate with further promotion of e2eSoft products. Please contact us at sales@e2esoft.cn with your plan, and we would increase the commission rate for you with mutual benefits on promotion with more sales.

How do I know if there is an order?
RegNow provides sales report on the affiliate control panel, and you would receive email notification in real time for each sale.

Can I alter the "look and feel" of the order process?
Yes, you can change the default order form with custom graphics and design. Click the Style Manager to change the style as you like.