OEM e2eSoft products


e2eSoft OEM Partner Program

e2eSoft OEM partners are entitled to get custom software for business developing scheme. By combining e2eSoft software to your hardware, software and service, your customers can enjoy comprehensive solutions, which bring you more profits.

Benefits to join e2eSoft OEM partner program:

  • Get custom software on demand
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Expand your opportunities with more channels
  • Grow your business

What can e2eSoft do for you?

  1. Enhance your hardware products with more solutions by integrating multimedia applications.

    We listen to you and offer the application that meets your needs to further develop markets in the industry. We can provide you with profitable options, if you are a manufacturer of hardware products, such as desktop computers, webcams, digital cameras, video players, network-attached storages (NAS), and mobile devices.

  2. Embed and custom software in bundle

    For an independent software vendor (ISV), you can combine complementary software for your OEM products, and improve your platform applications with e2eSoft software development kits. By joining e2eSoft OEM Partner Program, you can get OEM licenses to distribute e2eSoft software to your customers.

  3. Provide value-added services

    For an internet service provider (ISP), you can increase revenue by offering cost-effect solutions with e2eSoft software and development kits on your hosting service, platform service, and other kinds of service.

For more information about e2eSoft OEM Partner Program, please send an email to sales@e2esoft.cn with your idea and interest with the project.