VCam v5.2 Released - 11/25/2012

e2eSoft VCam v5.2 was released, including win8 supports and major updates.

VSC v1.5 Released - 11/1/2012

Now VSC supports Pitch control, which can be used to change your voice to a man, woman or even a child.

VCam plugin for VLC v2.0.2 released - 7/5/2012

VCam plugin for VLC media player v2.0.2 released, you can use it to play almost everything to VCam and broadcast it!

VCam video in flash is cropped - 1/30/2011

Set VCam's video resize method to "Keep aspect" to fix the video crop issue in flash applications.

VCam v5.1 Released - 1/30/2011

e2eSoft VCam v5.1 was released, including major updates and more features.

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