e2eSoft Pictures ScreenSaver

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Pictures ScreenSaver Demo

e2eSoft Pictures ScreenSaver is a FREE Screen Saver application which use e2eSoft Slideshow SDK to display your pictures in a specified folder with many wonderful slide show effects.

It's a freeware and you can use or distribute it freely without any limitation!

Download to have a wonderful experience right now!

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  • Hundreds of wonderful slideshow effects;
  • 3D transition effects supported;
  • "Slide show" all the pictures in a specified folder (include sub folder or not);
  • Being able to choose the effects you like;
  • Options to set picture folder, display time, etc.

  • IBM PC Pentium processor, 256 MB RAM, 10MB hard disk space;
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/VISTA or higher; D3D support;

Any suggestions or questions please mail us: support@e2esoft.cn