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e2eSoft Solutions for Individuals

Solutions for Individuals

Broadcast video and audio

Two steps to stream your video (with audio) to USTREAM

Record skype conversation

Four steps to record your Skype conversation using VSC.

Share videos with your friends in MSN

You can share your video with friends by using VCam and Virtual Sound Card.

Use VCam to boradcast everything to USTREAM.TV

We know that USTREAM.TV can broadcast your webcam video, but did you ever think broadcasting everthing you want to USTREAM.TV? e2eSoft VCam can help you doing this.

Install VSC on 64bits OS

If you didn't find e2eSoft VSC device in windows Device Manager after install, you need to install the driver manually.
If the device can't work because of digital certification issue, you can try installing ReadyDriverPlus.

Use VCam to convert video format?

Have you ever thought of using VCam to convert a video file to other formats?